Monday, May 12, 2014

Margie Baker Sings With So Many Stars CAP 2014

There are many reasons San Francisco is a dynamite music city, Margie Baker is one of them!
Brent Black /
Baker came from humble beginnings in Texas and moved to San Francisco at the beginning of World War II. Baker had been friends with Dizzy Gillespie since the age of 17 and it was at his encouragement her career began to take shape despite not actually attacking the music business on a global stage till the age of 39. Now 80, Margie Baker is set to release a two disc set of iconic classics and standards pulled from the pages of the Great American Songbook. Margie Baker Sings With So Many Stars shows not only is there plenty of lyrical life left but is a testament to what every music educator should aspire to be, always a teacher. Baker retired as an educator in 2004 after 48 years of dedicated service.
Margie Baker delivers the goods with a warm tone, spot on phrasing, and an articulation that takes elegant to a new place. The release features some stellar performance from artists including guitarist Rodney Jones, saxophonist Jules Broussard, former sixth grade pupil turned percussionist John Santos. So Many Stars reviews itself. The tunes include "Round Midnight" along with "Everyday I Have The Blues" and "Come Sunday."
Margie Baker is a song stylist as she more than sings the words, she makes the music. While as a critic I take issue of her outspoken political view that we need to simply support a President because he is President, never mind that never happened with G.W.B there is no denying her passion for life and concern for the greater good is a driving force in a solid and incredibly well put together outing that should have her contemporaries taking note. Those that have been in attendance to hear Baker perform include Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Taylor. Margie Baker has been a fixture at the Monterey Jazz Festival...Nuff said.
Tracks: Deed I Do; Round Midnight; Mais Que Nada; So Many Stars; Gee Baby; In A Mellow Tone; Go Away Little Boy; Everyday I Have The Blues; You've Changed; Senor Blues. Lazy Afternoon; Mood For Mr. Moody; Invitation; Lucky So and So; Can't Take My Eyes Off You; Chains of Love; I Want A Little Boy; Nightingale; There Will Never Be Another You; Come Sunday.
Personnel: Danny Armstrong: Trombone; Chuck Bennett: Bass; Jules Broussard: Saxophone; Bob Brumbeloe: Guitar; Rhoyalbaib Foston: Drums; Duncan James: Guitar; Rodney James: Guitar; Melecio Magdaluyo: Saxophone & Flute; Shota Osabe: Piano & Synthesizer; Jerry Pannone: Drums; John Santos: Percussion; Harley White: Bass; Keith Williams: Piano.