Friday, May 2, 2014

Ligro Dictionary 2 MoonJune 2012

Dictionary 2
Enough sonic energy to light up a small city!
Brent Black /
Strange...Most people look for great guitarists in New York, London, or Rome. There must be something in the water as Indonesia seems to have quietly cornered the jazz / rock / fusion market with six string fire power that is raising the harmonic bar some seem content to limbo under. Agam Hamzah turns Dictionary 2 into a harmonic wet dream for guitarists as he creates an edgy spatial texture with sounds reminiscent from John McLaughlin and Jeff Beck but with an incredibly unique voice and zen like approach. No notes are wasted yet the lyrical sense of purpose borders on the fierce and frenetic.
Hamzah settles into a groove with "Future" and "Don Juan" while the deconstructed "Transparansi" move the trio into a more ambient quality of something perhaps left on the floor of Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow sessions. The most surprising composition would be "Stavinsky (with Bach into)" thanks to the evocative bass solo of Adi Darmawa while drummer Gusti Hendi performs with the lyrical finesse of a Billy Cobham.
Another stellar trio in the MoonJune stable of artists that defies genre and instead embraces a universality in exciting music that will hit both the visceral and cerebral trip wires in your harmonic wheelhouse. Another stellar release from one of the better Independent labels.
Tracks: Paradox; Stravinsky (with Bach Intro); Future; Don Juan; Bliker 3; Etude Indienne; Miles Away; Transparansi.
Personnel: Agam Hamzah: guitar; Adi Darmawan: bass guitar; Gusti Hendi: drums, percussion.