Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ken Husbands Trio Keepin' It Going 2014

There are great guitarists in the Bay area, Ken Husbands versatility may just make him the best!
Brent Black /
Ken Husbands is what I like to call, "the cultural by product of his own experience." There is a deceptively subtle artistic integrity to his work. There are hundreds of guitarists attempting to eek out a living sounding like John Scofield. What makes an artist is the ability to channel that harmonic inspiration from a Scofield or a Wayne Krantz and find their own path of least resistance down the harmonic road less traveled. The Ken Husbands Trio and Keepin' It Going are a fluid funked out fusion attitude embracing that mythical land of rhythm and groove.
For most independent artists, a release of all original material could be the equivalent of tap dancing in a melodic minefield. Husbands compositions are centered, inventive and incredibly diverse. The trio boasts a critically acclaimed rhythm section of Aaron Germain on bass and Otto Huber on drums. The syncopated jazz nasty of "Lucky Seven" plays well against infused African flavor of "Keepin' It Going." The samba on steroids approach of "But I Don't" completes the rare cross cultural hat trick. For a guitar trio to pull off a release with such pronounced flavor is rare indeed.
The Ken Husbands Trio covers a great deal of ground and they do it with flair and panache. "Sounds like?"
The Ken Husbands Trio, a unique voice for six string enthusiasts and a true sleeper for 2014.
Don't believe me?
Tracks: East Coast Groupings; Lucky Seven; Keepin' It Going; Goodbye Eddie; Almost Eleven; But I Don't .
Special Thanks To First Orbit Sounds Publicity.