Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jimmy Cobb The Original Mob Smoke Session 2014

Jimmy Cobb is a bad man...rhythmically speaking of course.
Brent Black /
Far more than the last surviving member of the Miles Davis Kind of Blue sessions, Jimmy Cobb is one of the last and foremost pioneers of modern jazz drumming. The Original Mob is a live studio recording at the legendary Smoke Night Club with three former students that are all accomplished artists in their own right. Pianist Brad Mehldau, guitarist Peter Bernstein and bassist John Webber join forces with Cobb for quartet that does far more than smoke but exhibits a controlled burn of swing that pushes the limits of all the participants in an intimate atmosphere made for such an event.
An old school based collective with offerings from each member that are inventive yet seemingly tailored for the smoldering groove Cobb works finesse and precision. There are some surprises including an amped up "Sunday In New York" and the deceptively subtle swing of "Nobody Else But Me." The exquisite Jimmy Cobb original "Remembering U" could easily be mistaken as a tune from the Great American Songbook. Peter Bernstein's odd metered "Minor Blues" moves with an effortless flow that permeates this release. Brad Mehldau's "Unrequited" while the most adventurous tune still embraces the land of rhythm and groove without sacrificing melody for meter. We close out with John Webber's "Lickety Split." Webber's original is indeed a rousing smoker and a perfect end to what might easily be called the sound track to a city at last call. You don't have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here!
Jimmy Cobb has been doing his thing for seven decades. Cobb is not getting older, he is getting even better!
Tracks: Old Devil Moon; Amsterdam After Dark; Sunday In New York; Stranger In Paradise; Unrequited; Composition 101; Remembering U; Nobody Else But Me; Minor Blues; Lickety Split.
Personnel: Peter Bernstein: Guitar; Brad Mehldau: Piano; John Webber: Bass; Jimmy Cobb: Drums.