Monday, May 26, 2014

Iron Butterfly Live At The Galaxy 1967 Purple Pyramid 2014

A blast from the past with perhaps the god fathers of psychedelic rock...Iron Butterfly!
Brent Black /
First things first, the sound quality is somewhat bootleg in nature yet the overwhelming power of this legendary group somehow rises to the occasion making this live release a gem, warts and all.
Their influence could be felt by artists such as Hendrix and Clapton and their sonic legacy can still be heard in certain major recording acts today. The quintessential jam band of a generation. Live At The Galaxy was captured shortly before the 1968 debut.   
The band installed a revolving door to allow the frequent personnel changes to occur as quickly as possible and some might argue that the self indulgent counter culture movement may have prevented this legendary band from achieving even greater success. Live At The Galaxy 1967 has the kick of a mule and arguably their best line up. Acid rock fans should flock to this effort while rock historians should be equally pleased.
4 Stars.
Tracks: Real Fright; Possession; Filled With Fear; Fields of Sun; It's Up To You; Gloomy Day To Remember; Evil Temptation; So-Lo; Gentle As It May Seem; Lonely Boy; Iron Butterfly Theme; You Can't Win.
Personnel: Doug Ingle: Vocals, Keyboards; Danny Weis: Guitar; Jerry Penrod: Bass Backing Vocals; Darryl Deloach: Vocals, Percussion; Ron Bushy: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Recorded Live July 4, 1967 At The Galaxy In Los Angeles.