Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grace Kelly Is Kick Starting A Dream!

Word of mouth, giving back, and good karma can be a tremendous help if you are trying to make it in the music business...Toss in some amazing raw talent and an endorsement by the legendary Phil Woods and you have the lovely and talented Grace Kelly!
The music business has gone independent. The days of the major label, guys wearing open shirts and gold chains while carrying around big bags of money are over.
Grace Kelly is an alto saxophonist, singer, and gifted composer. Grace is also an artist I championed since day one. Now Grace is attempting to kick start a dream and she needs your help! But...if she is so good then why doesn't a label jump in and help? Simple...
Labels (the few left) have things scheduled and budgeted sometimes two years in advance. The pie is far smaller and the funds to go around simply are not there for a great many artists. Recording involves paying for studio time, musicians, mixing and mastering, art work, promotion and you can burn through $50,000 quickly. This is a chance to not only invest in an artist with a proven track record but invest in the music itself. I have people tell me all the time that artists like this never get the chance they deserve. They never will if you don't help. Pennies make dollars and group funding is just that. When N.P.R. almost went down did you help? Put your money where your ears are so you really can make a difference. On a personal note, Grace Kelly is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to get to know in this business. Please check out her face book message below...And please share this post! Remember, invest in the music and you invest in yourself. If you get as excited about music as I do there is one thing I can promise you, Grace Kelly is a winner!
I'm launching my first ever Kickstarter, excited nervous..hoping I can count on your support. I have 31 days to reach $50,000 to make this happen. Check out the vid and page for all the information
A treat from You Tube from when Grace was still at Berklee.