Monday, May 12, 2014

Erik Scott and the Earth Bleeds 2014

Erik Scott scores with a world music exploratory that transcends cultural boundaries.
Brent Black /
I hate world music and what is left of "New Age" has turned me against anything remotely Celtic for eternity...But I like this a lot!
The sophomore release from Erik Scott is an ethereal trip through a Celtic mosaic of sound that progresses past the predictable with the use of gypsy violins, steel guitar and French horns to add a layer of texture not normally associated with this music. A soulful and soul filled under tow of harmonic movement creates improvisational sound scapes hard to pin down. While widely known for his work and association with Flo & Eddie, Alice Cooper, and as a founding member of Sonia Dada there is little doubt Scott has found his musical happy place.
Creativity on the fly...Those immersed in free jazz are familiar with the practice of walking into a studio with nothing scripted and allowing the music to set the course. Typically an intimate world music release would never (successfully) follow that path but this creative approach seems to work well for Scott. Strongly melodic and organically deconstructed the Scottish influence is in full force on tracks such as "Free" and "Run." Ethereal lyrics have been added to reinforce certain tunes and are melodic building blocks and key in the compositional integrity.
Erik Scott has the desire to explore the entire range of possibilities with the electric bass as the major melodic voice. The vibe here while cultural works as it evolves from a more introspective or chilled-out rhythmic ground zero. Soulful and soul filled, nuanced textures, and an ambient ebb and flow find and the Earth Bleeds as one of the better world music releases for the year and a project that could easily cross into the more traditional improvisational realm of jazz.
Tracks; Gypsy Mother and The Royal Bastard; Free; And The Earth Bleeds; Weightless; Loco Amour ( I Could Be Crazy); The Battle for Neverland; Let's Do Something Cool; Run The White Mouse.
Personnel: Erik Scott: Vocals, Fretted and Fretles Basses; Baritone Guitar; Keyboards & Synthesizers; El Piano; Drum and Perc Programming; Bass Generated Sound FX; Shira Kammen: Medieval Violin; Ana Maria Botero: Vocals; Michael Scott: Vocals; Phil Miller: Guitar; John Mader: Drum and Frame Drum, Hat and Shaker; Steve Eisen: English Whistle; Mari Mack; Vocal; Chris "Hambone" Cameron: Organ; John Pirruccello: Steel Guitar, Mandolin; Hank Guaglianone: Additional Snares, Tom Fills and Input; Fred Payne: Bagpipes; Eskimo Dobbs Choir: Group Vocals.