Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't sell to ZUMU, A follow up!!!

Seller Beware!!

I found these comments rather credible and they were pulled from the link you will find at the bottom. The sad thing is aside from people such as myself that are in desperate need of funds, their web site ad prayed on school groups to use their services as a fund raising opportunity so the odds that these people probably cheated a school group or two out of a summer trip etc. would seem rather high.
Please share this post. People like this can be stopped if victims go to the Attorney General of Michigan so filth like this can be locked up as they should be!
Read below:
Reviewed By Anonymous on March 11, 2014
Unfortunately, those customers still awaiting payment are out of luck - the company was evicted for nonpayment of rent. Not only have customers not been paid, the last two paychecks of the few remaining employees have bounced. The owner of this company is a crook! If anyone is looking for an alternate company to deal with, avoid - new company, same shady owner!!!

Zumu, LLC; 8186 Industrial Park Dr, Grand Blanc, MI 48439; Phone number (yes there really is one) 855-588-9368. No one answers the phone so I guess it does not do you much good. The address on the website 4065 Manor Dr, Burton, MI 48519-9998 is to the US Post Office in Burton, MI. This is NOT their address of business. Their email response like everyone has stated is just a bunch of blah blah blah. They DO NOT answer your questions. My question was where is my package, here is the tracking number xxxxx and it states it was out for delivery.
Contact the Office of the Attorney General in Michigan and file an online complaint. If the BBB of Michigan is like other's it really doesn't do much for you. The Attorney General, if there are enough complaints, something will be done. If there are not enough complaints, sorry too. is registered to Christopher Falkowski, 950 Stephenson Hwy, Troy, Michigan 48083, phone number 519-995-0299. When I called this number a Graham answered (I know by the voice mail the 2nd time I called after being hung up on) and told me he didn't know what was......hmmmmm He is either lying or the person who entered the domain info lied. The license is good until Oct 2014 for this domain
I hope karma finds all these dishonest people.