Saturday, May 31, 2014

Darryl Way Children of the Cosmos RHRC 2014

Children of the Cosmos
Curved Air founder Darryl Way is back with a stellar release, Children of the Cosmos!
Brent Black /
Darryl Way is an original. A pioneering composer and rock violinist whose impact has transcended genre has released Children of the Cosmos. Way's first prog or art-rock release in over two decades might best be described as the Moody Blues and Jean Luc Ponty get into a bar fight. Expansive yet accessible, there are intense classical references with such as orchestral "A Winter's Tale" which creates a most unusual harmonic dichotomy when paired against the rock influenced pulsating rhythms of "The Best of Times."
Way serves up twelve new tracks that follow the somewhat conceptualized Curved Air approach to an eclectic look at the humanistic side of our planet while keeping the melodic base inventive if not oddly quirky. As a performer Darryl Way built his reputation as a master showman on the electric violin and while he will certainly never win male vocalist of the year honors, there is a certain tone of sincerity in his voice that embraces the traditional prog rock approach simply elevated for a new day. The title track has a promotional video on You Tube:
Darryl Way's Children of the Cosmos is one of the more diverse and expansive art rock releases that manages to find a commercial center while losing nothing in artistic integrity.
A fine release to be sure!
4.5 Stars
Tracks: Children of the Cosmos; Spooks; The Best of Times; Nature's Way; Summer of Love; Don't Look Back (Feat. Pachelbel's Canon); Fire with Fire (Feat. Rosie) Lagan Love; A Winter's Tale; A Modern Tale; An American Tale; Sergey.
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