Thursday, May 1, 2014

Damon Albarn Everyday Robots Warner Brothers 2014

A warm sonic hug...sometimes it is all you need. Damon Albarn scores big!
Brent Black /
Former Blur front man Damon Albarn changes musical projects more often than I change web sites...Scary. Taste is subjective and a great many people might agree Albarn has experienced varying degrees of "good." With Everyday Robots, Damon Albarn moves into a rarefied level of greatness that few can achieve and sadly even fewer will hear in the United States thanks to the state of the record industry today. Everyday Robots is a Brian Eno inspired semi-autobiographical look at life, love, the digital age and all the bull shit that comes with it. This is Brit-Pop with a reality check. Moody, melancholy and as far from main stream as one can travel. The first listen might have some pushing eject almost immediately as the tempo is down yet the ambient textures that bubble just beneath are reinforcing the subtle beauty that lies just below the surface not just in music but in people. Lyrically the release is so far advanced that finding a comparative baseline is virtually impossible.

The initial knee jerk reaction would be due to the more melancholy approach to the songwriting that this release is a "downer" and certainly not easily placed in our world of immediate gratification. On the contrary, Everyday Robots address the universality of our existence warts and all. The redeeming quality here is that the issues never get in the way of the music as a deceptively hopeful outlook is always within reach. Eno fans should flock to this release. Brit-Pop fans with open minds, hearts and ears should find plenty to cheer about as well. This is not Blur or  the most successful virtual band ever, Gorillaz...It wasn't meant to be.