Saturday, May 10, 2014

Consumer Alert / Filing A Complaint Against Zumu.Co

Zumu.Co is or perhaps I should now say used to be a company in Michigan where one could ship old compact discs, videos, games etc. with the option of payment or to donate the proceeds to a charity.

The latest:
1. The company has had over two hundred complaints from consumers and dozens of complaints from advertisers for non payment.

2.) A highly credible source has the company as being evicted for non payment of rent.

3.) The Better Business Bureau is referring all consumers who have been taken directly to the Attorney General's Office for the state of Michigan.

To file a complaint use the link below.

What happens with companies such as this is fairly simple. They accept far more merchandise than they have money to pay out on. However they are buying product that most retail stores could not move from a .99 bin...So they begin losing capital quickly. This company may have started with the best of intentions however total mismanagement and a lack of just the basic knowledge of the catalog of any specific genres have allowed this company to move into any area now left to local law enforcement.

I was cheated out of two hundred dollars worth of product, others have been taken as well. Over two hundred BBB complaints in a six month period is the smoking gun.

If you dealt with this company or know of anyone that has then I urge you to file a complaint with the authorities in Michigan.

Together this kind of crime and these kinds of people can be stopped and hopefully be locked up where they belong. I can no longer find their web site but if you do then do not attempt to use it. The old site was