Thursday, May 1, 2014

Colours Jazz Orchestra Home Away From Home Neuklang 2014

Roughly three years in the making and well worth the wait, Colours Jazz Orchestra and Home Away From Home embrace the open ended sound of Bob Brookmeyer with impressive results!
Brent Black /
Massimo Morgantis' Colours Jazz Orchestra has teamed up with composer Ayn Inserto to deliver an intense harmonic flavor of sound and a subtle dynamic tension for a unique look at contemporary big band. Jazz orchestra / big band are essentially the same format with the only major difference as a handful of string players and a few additional letters. Morgantis got in touch with the music of Ayn Inserto while at Berklee College and what started with one piece dedicated to Morganti and his wife quickly morphed into a stellar release from the critically acclaimed Colours Jazz Orchestra.
The top heavy (and I mean that in the best possible sense ) brass section allows for the punch and clarity that pushes a deceptively subtle dynamic tension across compositions such as "You're Leaving? But I Just Got Here" along with "Down A Rabbit Hole." The crowing achievement may well be the vivid almost cinematic "Wintry Mix." While Home Away From Home has a distinct Bob Brookmeyer influence, this is Ayn Inserto's voice and her vision that paints from a deep rich color palette. Some pieces have an ironic Broadway feel that elevates this release from the predictable to the ambitious.
Jazz orchestra has been making a comeback in North America, Europe has the Colours Jazz Orchestra which should help push American ensembles out of the lyrical comfort zone. The sound of modern big band and jazz orchestra is open with a direct linear feel to the compositions and  that sound rings true on Home Away From Home. Making the release special is that three dimensional sonic depth of field that allows for colors you can hear!
Tracks: You're Leaving? But I Just Got Here; Recorda Me; Hang Around; La Danza Infinita; Down A Rabbit Hole; Five Dance; Wintry Mix; Subo.
Personnel: Ayn Inserto: Composition and Conductor; Trumpets: Giorgio Caselli, Luca Giardini, Giacomo Uncini, Samuele Garofoli, Jeff Claassen; Trombones: Massimo Morganti, Carlo Piermartire, Luca Pernici, Pierluigi Bastioli.
Simone La Maida: Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Maurizio Moscatelli: Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Filippo Sebastianelli: Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Antonangelo Giudice: Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Marco Postacchini: Bariton Sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Lucca Pecchia: Guitar
Emilio Marinelli: Piano
Gabriele Pesaresi: Double Bass
Massimo Manzi: Drums