Sunday, May 11, 2014

Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola The Cars Charlie Hunter Music 2014

Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola run slightly off the road with The Cars.
Brent Black /
Yes..."those" Cars!...
New wave jazz? No, Charlie Hunter has magically transformed some classic tunes from perhaps the most popular band of the late 70's / early 80's into minimalist improvisational reharms that walk a rather dangerous harmonic tightrope. Some pop music has the melodic strength and integrity to make that dangerous leap from the main stream frying pan into the jazz fryer and The Cars are right on the border line.
The minimalist reharms are for the most part hit and miss with the irony that those that might miss the initial mark of connectivity do succeed in creating a new lyrical path out of a played out pop tune. This is Hunter's best performance in years especially on tunes including "Candy O" and "Lets Go." Amendola is rock steady and pushes the duo when necessary. The opening track "Bye Bye Love" is only remotely identifiable yet manages to be pulled together despite the harmonic disconnect that occasionally pops up in this five track EP.
Over the next four months Hunter and Amendola are dropping four 5 track EPs from artists including Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, and Hank Williams. Despite Hunter never sounding better the other bump in the road would be that there are other guitarists that have adopted his minimalist approach and the competition has essentially caught up to him. The new kids on the block are playing it better and with original material.
Bad record? No...Just average.
3 Stars
Tracklist:01. Bye Bye Love (5:40)
02. Candy O (3:39)
03. Double Life (3:25)
04. Good Times Roll (4:36)
05. Let’s Go (3:33)
06. You Got To Move (Bonus Track) (4:27)