Monday, May 26, 2014

Busting The Biggest Critical Myth For Improvisational Music...

Do you have to be an expert in "jazz" to review this music?

Let me answer that question with another...

Do you have to win an Oscar to be qualified to review a film?


What do you need to be a good critic? It varies with each critic but there are some essentials.

1.) The knowledge of a particular instrument.
2.) An understanding of the history of improvisational music.
3.) A GOOD ear and the background that includes listening to something more than Boney James or Wynton Marsalis.

Those are the basics. The wild card intangible is PASSION.

A critical review is nothing more than an opinion of a snapshot in time. A critical review is not an indictment on an artist, their work or even their intention with where the work was destined to go.
A theoretical review is great if you want to write for an audience of professional musicians but...these ladies and gentleman already know the theory as it is their job! Ask yourself one question...Did I ever buy a release because of a specific meter or did I buy it because it excited me from a place few people can reach? THAT is music.

A critic should have their own style while infusing some creativity that is as varied as the music. A critic and an artist should function as a team. Without the artist, the critic is unemployed. Without the critic, the artist may never be known...

It is just that simple...Keep swinging!