Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bora Yoon Sunken Cathedral Innova 2014

Bora Yoon brings new meaning to what a performance artist is truly about...

Brent Black /

Bora Yoon is a Korean / American ambient vocalist with a lyrical vision that is evocative, impressionistic, and at times breathtaking. Sunken Cathedral is a conceptualized look at life and the subconscious and their relationship to out memories and demons that are locked inside. An ethereal sonic exploratory moves from pristine vocals to spoken word whispers. While the spoken word whispers and samples don't necessarily add to the release, they do reinforce the conceptual path and considering the nature of artist do relatively little harm. Taste is subjective.

What far outweighs the minor blips are the amazing use of digital technology as well as artifacts from other cultures and centuries to create a truly organic sound scape of texture and vision. While classically trained, Yoon has the uncanny ability to manipulate her vocal vision to a non-genre specific place where the listener can simple draw from the creativity and presentation. Truly an artist that is as artistically gifted as she is technically brilliant, Bora Yoon is that next generation of globally influence new American music that should draw a tremendous following over time.

4.5 Star...A stellar effort.

Tracks: O Viridissima Virga; Father Time; Finite Infinity; In Paradisum; Speratus; Jansor Pansori; Weights & Balances; O Pastor Animarum; New Americam Theatre; Semaphore Conductus; Little Box of Horrors; Doppler Dreams.