Monday, May 26, 2014

Belem Trio Karabash Neukland 2014

The Belem Trio rewrites the book on the modern jazz trio with an eclectic and innovative approach that few can match.
Brent Black /
NeuKlang consistently releases some of the finest piano trio recordings that one could find anywhere in the world. Karabash from the Belem Trio charts a unique harmonic course with an amazing hybrid of texture that embraces improvisational music, classical progressive and rock influenced execution. This is the embodiment of a true amalgam of lyrical soundscapes, each easily identifiable while deceptively subtle in approach and execution.
There is a dichotomy of sound with "Secondo Carmilla" opening with an exquisite dynamic tension of elegance only to quickly morph into a percussive onslaught of melodic intensity. "Corde da Campanile a Campanile" is a more progressive odd metered number pulling from a rich color palette. The standard "God Bless The Child" checks in at 12:07 in length, ambitious but never ostentatious in presentation. A modern yet incredibly elegant arrangement allows these three unique voices to take a melodic exploratory on a classic without ever sacrificing melody or accessibility.
Diego Brancaccio is a most impressive two handed performer, occasionally providing his own counterpoint. Filippo Macchiarelli is a premier bassist and drummer Luca Luz takes in the pocket to a new level. Ensembles such as this are consistently tagged with having that "European sound" and while that unfair generalization may have some merit, The Belem Trio may be the one of the most inventive piano trios on any continent.
A superior recording.
Tracks: Quinta Disposizione; Michele; In The Mean Time; Secondo Carmilla; Corde da Campanile a Campanile; Karabash; God Bless The Child.