Thursday, May 29, 2014

Assaf Kehati Trio - Recording The Album "Naked". You Can Help Via Kickstarter!

Assaf Kehati is a critically acclaimed guitarist from the Big Apple. The evolution of an artist can be a magical thing to watch and participate in when it comes to a talent that carries as much raw talent and potential as Kehati.

The music business is now independent. Artists are becoming their own publicists and fund raising is crucial for their success. If you don't like what it being played on jazz radio then put your money where your ears are. You can make a difference. Unless deserving artists like Kehati are able to have help in getting their music in front of the people it will never be heard. The cultural void in this country will continue to widen unless you do more than simply give supportive lip service to music that has the power to move millions.

Please check out the Kickstarter link below. Share this post with friends and do whatever you can to help.


Assaf Kehati Trio - Brno Jazz Festival