Saturday, May 10, 2014

Adam Levy Town & Country Lost Wax 2014

Adam Levy delivers the goods, a harmonic chameleon with unlimited potential!
Brent Black /
Adam Levy is a critically acclaimed guitarist, singer / songwriter and journalist. A legitimate improvisational triple threat and given his varied background one could say Levy was one of the few Renaissance men of jazz. Outside of the more traditional roll that Levy assumes with this organ inspired and inspiring trio, the gritty guitarist has done extensive work with Norah Jones as well as contemporaries such as Tracy Chapman.
The sound of Town & Country might best be described as John Scofield and Bill Frisell get into a bar fight...While the influences are seemingly unmistakable what sets this release apart is the gritty punctuated phrasing and unique harmonic style that is all Adam Levy. The label of "organ trio" is strictly an umbrella term. This collective trio fires on all cylinders thanks to strong compositions, a methodical manipulation of harmonics and that all important intangible of chemistry! "The Prettiest Girl In New York" is a whimsical yet slightly gritty country and western number with a swirling melodic counterpoint from Larry Goldings. In direct contrast the composition "Montague Street" is a minor key odd metered tune built around a soulful dissonance smoldering just below the surface while never having the melody lost in the shuffle. The title track "Town & Country" is perhaps the most appealing with clean angular harmonic movement from Levy while Larry Goldings weaves this lyrical tapestry into a delicate yet solid melodic wall of sound. The rock steady beat of Matt Chamberlain propels the trio forward.
Familiar yet different, Adam Levy is the perfect example of an artist that can be inspired while never losing their own unique vision or artistic integrity. Levy has a few projects under his belt now and the sky is literally the limit. It is rare to find a release that can cover so much ground yet remain uniform and accessible with the final product. One of the better sleepers for 2014. I would not be shocked to see this show up on some best of lists by years end.
Tracks; Memphis, Tennesee; Streets of Baltimore; Montague St.; Prettiest Girl In New York; Copenhagen; I Love Paris; Pianos of the 9th Ward; Town & Country; West L.A. Fadeaway; Dayton, Ohio - 1903.
Personnel: Adam Levy: Guitar; Larry Goldings: Organ; Matt Chamberlain: Drums.