Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Thank You!

He's back!
After a battery of tests my self imposed sabbatical could not even last 24 hours...I do love what I do. Speaking of which...
I am now over 700,000 hits on my site. Rare for what some might call just a blogger...I champion the Independent artist, I'm an Independent writer and doing this takes my mind off my illness.
Test results are pending and just based on how I actually feel, I don't think they will be good. The doctors aren't exactly poops and giggles right now either...It is what it is...There will come a day when this ends but I want to thank everyone for checking out the site, the good vibes, and the kindness you have shown me.
I could still use any help possible on my medical fund as things are getting amped up now. Your kindness is being paid forward and appreciated more than words can express. This is truly a labor of love for me and the chance to share it with you is even better.
Many thanks and 1 million hits is in sight!