Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Site Update

Due to ongoing and incredibly serious health concerns, will wrap up it's final year when the million hit mark is reached.

If you have been reviewed on this site then you may want to pull or get a copy of your review for your own records as the odds of trying to pay for another year of a domain with money I don't have would be virtually impossible if not pointless.

I have been receiving tons of messages of encouragement asking that I hang in there and keep this going. I may have found a way. A new site devoted to Independent artists, labels and only a bare minimum of what some might call main stream (i.e. one specific label, maybe two) would be included. I have carefully run the numbers and this should drop my work load down to about 15 reviews per month...I have done 15 in a day...

This idea could be doable. I need your help to do it. The cost through Godaddy.Com would be around forty dollars. As fund site is open along with the pay pal link here. If you are interested and like the idea then consider helping. There is no reason it could not run for a year at least according to where I am at health wise. I am physically worn down but I do love this and a far more controlled environment devoted strictly to the artists that need the press and wider recognition could possibly start turning some heads...

I'll keep you posted.

Many thanks as always,
Be Well!

A rough idea of where I am graphic yet etc...I have plenty of time to work on that. Why shouldn't artists and critics team up as one promotional unit? Are the record companies helping you THAT much? The record business has gone Independent. Independent writers and artists can make a dent if we do it together.

Canning the idea...I need to concentrate on my health, more important. I will be lucky to get through this year......I just hate to walk away. It hurts.