Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tri-Fi Staring Into The Sun

So I am digging the name but does the music hold up? Oh yeah...
Let me get this off my chest from the start because as I have often said, "artistic comparisons are inherently unfair." Tri-Fi is a true piano trio that works as a harmonic collective by manipulating the harmonics often associated with some of the great European pianists recording for such labels as ECM and Neuklang while capturing the soulful swing of an Ahmad Jamal.
The perfect storm.
Tri-Fi is steadily working up the improvisational food chain in the Big Apple and while their talent is unquestionable and their vision is completely their own, these critically acclaimed artists were brought together to work as the rhythm section for Curtis Stigers. Nice work if you can get it to be sure. There are stand out tracks with the swing of the opener "Open Water" coming to mind but here is where the success of the releases begins to take shape. This is a collective, an improvisational conversation of more than melody but of the reinvention of harmonics and their  cerebral effect on the listener. Jazz for the intellectual? No...Improvisational music for those that appreciate how an emotive quality can transcend music and go somewhere deeper than the soul? Yes!
Pianist Matthew Fries has worked with such vocal luminaries as Stacey Kent and DeeDee Bridgewater. Drummer Keith Hall is a highly respected educator and has worked with arguably the best soprano saxophonist on the planet in Steve Wilson. Bassist Phil Palombi is the hot ticket for bass in New York and has performed with Chris Potter.
Music is food for the soul. The chemistry of life. I have heard some special piano trios, Tri-Fi is one of the very finest.
Tracks: Open Water; Circle Dance; Cielo; Clockwork; Airstream; The Night Watch; Staring Into The Sun; Song For Butterfly; Josie Bebop; Compassion.
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