Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tohpati Ethnomission Save The Planet MoonJune 2010

Music that will set your soul on fire...
Brent Black /
Indonesian guitar virtuoso Tohpati and his exemplary ensemble Ethnomission stepped out on their own in 2010 and his musical stock has been an arrow pointing straight up. Save The Planet is a wide ranging and exotic look at Indonesian fusion with a western spin. A global flavor full of cultural authenticity and a slightly western harmonic bent have propelled Tohpati into the upper echelon of guitarists cracking that elusive global fusion glass ceiling. The scary aspect to this release is as good as Tohpati is, Ethnomission is far more than a collection of afterthoughts.
This Indonesian collective offers up a dynamic and diverse collection of compositions that can touch your heart and set  your hair on fire at the same time. From the free form exploratory opening with "Save The Planet" to Indonesian fusion of "Ethno Funk" there is a driving rhythmic heartbeat that blends the fiery technique of Tohpati within the compositions as opposed to the more self indulgent six string pyrotechnics similar artists are noted for. "Gateway of Life" is a more soulful presentation while losing nothing in cultural authenticity.
MoonJune can lay claim to having the finest stable of guitarists and Tohpati is climbing the harmonic ladder quickly. Global fusion without the expected disconnect similar releases often present. An exciting young talent with a new release on the way!
Tracks: Selamatkan Bumi (Save The Planet); Bedhaya Ketawang (Sacred Dance); Drama; Ethno Funk; Gegunungan (Gateway Of Life); Hutan Hujan (Rain Forest); Biarkan Burung Bernyanyi (Let The Birds Sing); Inspirasi Baru (New Inspiration); Perang Tanding (Battle Between Good & Evil). Pesta Rakyat (Festive People); Amarah (Anger).
Personnel: Tohpati: electric guitar, midi synth guitar; Indro Hardjodikoro: bass guitar; Diki Suwarjiki: suling (Sundanese flute), soundscapes; Endang Ramdan: Indonesian percussion (kendang, gong, kenong); Demas Narawangsa: drums, Indonesian percussion (rebana, kempluk); Lestari: vocals (2).