Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Wrong Object Stories From The Shed MoonJune 2008

Frank Zappa and The Brecker Brothers get into a bar fight...
Brent Black /
Strange combination but the incredibly strange aspect to this release is that it works so unbelievably well. The Wrong Object is a Belgian prog rock ensemble that takes the road less traveled by combing an ambient prog rock base with jazz improvisation and a modern classical soft side that takes this critically acclaimed ensemble to a new level of harmonic discovery. So it is a 2008 release, so what? Good music has no expiration date. A music critic also serves as a sonic prospector and finding these little gems that have been somewhat lost in the shuffle is what makes a sometimes unforgiving gig, tolerable.
Prog rock may be the best example of why labels don't work. The band started as a Frank Zappa tribute band but their wheelhouse has expanded as their musical horizons have grown. King Crimson references may work better in explaining Stories From The Shed but artistic comparisons are inherently unfair. The free improvisational work of tenor saxophonist Fred Delplanco and trumpet player Jean-Paul Estievenart fit hand in glove with the full on guitar play of Michel Delville. The rhythm section drives this progressive train with bass guitarist Damien Polard and drummer Laurent Delchambre.
If this is prog rock by definition then it is pro rock that has come full circle minus the often self indulgent lyrics that take away from some recordings. Stories From The Shed are sonic snap shots in time, sound scapes with an ebb and flow that are as artistically engaging as they are technically proficient. An absolute stellar outing!
Tracks: Sonic Riot at the Holy Palate; 15/05; Sheepwrecked; Acquiring the Taste; Lifting Belly; Malign Siesta; Theresa's Dress; Rippling Stones; Theresa's Dress - Reprise; Strangler Fig; Waves and Radiations; Saturn; The Unbelievable Truth - Part I; The Unbelievable Truth - Part II.

Personnel: Michel Delville: guitar, guitar synth, electronics; Fred Delplancq: tenor saxophone; Jean-Paul Estiavenart: trumpet, flugelhorn; Damien Polard: bass guitar, electronics; Laurent Delchambre: drums, assorted percussion, samples.