Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Candy Shop Boys Sugar Foot Stomp 2013

Go back to the future with The Candy Shop Boys and a new swing for the next generation!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
If you want the best in improvisational music then you go to New York, while there you have to check out The Candy Shop Boys with vocalist Sophia Urista! This rompin' stompin' sextet is comprised of bandleader Jesse Elder on piano, saxophone titan Matt Parker, violin virtuoso Scott Tixier with lyrical soul pumpkin Kenball Zwerin on bass and the percussive pop of Arthur Vint on drums. Sophia Urista is the vocalist with a dynamic range and the ability to move from genre to genre in the blink of an eye. The wheelhouse here is that jazz, blues, and burlesque attitude that gave birth to Fats Waller and Cab Calloway. Tales from the unexpected would be adventurous reharms such as The Doors "Light My Fire." This seemingly mixed bag of whimsical eccentricity is the harmonic wheel house that is Sugar Foot Stomp!
This is flat out fun, a musical celebration where all the co-conspirators are on the same page and their inventive performance blows the dust off timeless classics such as "St. James Infirmary" without losing a thing in terms of musical integrity. Urista's vocals are whimsical yet refined while the band is totally in your face with a punch necessary to make this music really swing. "Kicking The Gong Around" is the perfect book end to a more dialed up version "Let's Face The Music And Dance." The tunes you know, you will love. The tunes that may be forgotten memories will be welcomed back as old friends.
Novelty act? Don't even consider going there as some bands do use this back to the future approach as the means to an end but The Candy Shop Boys can play. This was the original American pop music and to keep passing the torch will not only insure future generations can appreciate the roots of improvisational music but appreciate a band with the mad skills to carry it off! Who says jazz can't be fun?
Tracks: Sugarfoot Stomp; Kicking The Gong Around; G Man Got The T Man; Let's Face The Music And Dance; Man With The Golden Arm; I Want To Be Evil; The Candy Man; When I Get Low I Get High; Black & Tan Fantasy; St. James Infirmary; Light My Fire; Bernie's Tune.