Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Apple Hill String Quartet Needs Your Help!

In keeping with my commitment to independent artists of all genres, I would like to ask you to check out this link for the Apple Hill String Quartet. I stumbled into this thanks to another independent artist that I have reviewed and just like business - word of mouth can be everything!

So why self funding if they are so good? Simple...
Record companies aren't banks. Most labels have releases lined up as far as two and three years in advance and cracking their lineup takes time. A good many well known artists have used funding sights. I am attempting to raise money for my medical fund as I fight liver disease using a funding site and I say this not as a self serving means of promotion but to convey my sincere commitment in trying to make more people aware of some of the stellar talent that is out there. I often get to hear it and you don't. That should change. I want to pay the kindness I have been shown by independent artists forward. You can too.

Please check out this link, share the post, contribute if you can. When N.P.R almost went belly up did you complain or write a check? Music is a business. Artists need sponsors, don't expect the government to jump in unless you happen to be a fan of state sponsored radio. Put your money where your ears are....

Take a look: