Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Alex Tjoland Band Shot At Redemption 2014

The Alex Tjoland Band is new Americana music for the next generation!
A wealth of untapped potential!
Brent Black /
Sometimes I feel like the critical counterpart to the Food Network host Guy Fieri. This just in...the music business has gone independent. I stumble across bands thanks to some dedicated publicists, word of mouth and often other musicians. I wanted to take what I knew and liked with improvisational music and push past that, The Alex Tjoland Band may epitomize why I do what I do. Shot At Redemption is a some what spiritual release that embraces music for this generation. The chasm between religious and spiritual is as wide as it is deep and the arrangements here are certainly left of center of what one might expect and that locks in your attention immediately!
Rachel Elkins handles the vocal duties with a pristine voice and technical skills that hammer the point home that she can sing anything. The band works as a solid collective where the chain is truly as strong as the weakest link and there are no weak links here. "Matthew 25:31 Blues" is a tasty homage to Keith Richards while the more intimate "Love Remains" moves to something more reflective and personal with the listener having the ability to determine the meaning as it may apply to their own life.
Shot At Redemption works on a myriad of levels. You don't need to be religious to dig the music as the core of the music revolves around universal truths more so than an attempt at conversion. The eclectic sound of the band adapts and moves with some advanced harmonics and catchy progressions, the music is simply that good. I've long championed the independent artist and I refuse to allow myself to not give someone a fair shake simply because they have a wheelhouse that makes some a bit uncomfortable. The music business has room for everyone and we are better for having The Alex Tjoland Band as part of the mix.
Tracks: Love Come Down; Here I Go; Love Remains; Matthew 25:31 Blues; The Lord's Prayer; Leslie; Shot At Redemption; Sing Praises; Prodigal Child; Fabulastic; Light Of The World
Personnel: Rachel Elkins: All Vocals; Delisa Kyzer: Piano and All Keyboards; Bruce Whitten: Guitars, Lead Guitar on "Here I Go." Bo Sammons: Guitars, Lead Guitar on "Shot At Redemption" and "Matthew 25:31 Blues." Alex Tjoland: Drums; Erik Tjoland: Bass; Joey Stuckey: Lead Guitar on "Leslie."
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