Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rich Halley 4 The Wisdom Of Rocks Pine Eagle 2014

A physical aesthetic of sound and texture...Intensely beautiful.
Brent Black /
Portland, Oregon is a vibrant city that embraces improvisational music and one of their finest would certainly be the incredibly under rated Rich Halley. This unassuming yet ferocious tenor player works without a net in one of the most critically acclaimed 4tets on the scene today. The conceptual idea while relatively simple in theory is decidedly complex in execution. Does a jagged rock have a sound? Can you hear the natural evolution of time and the resulting impact on existing life that surrounds us. You can. Just listen...
Halley is an artist with an acute attention to detail as he can bring a cerebral vision into a visceral feeling. The quartet is rounded off with Michael Vlatkovich on trombone, Clyde Reed on bass and drummer Carson Halley. A true working band engaged in free form harmonic sound scapes that capture colors, shapes, and the motion of life itself. Odd meters, shifting rhythms and changing dynamics complete the thematic evolution of each piece much in the same fashion as wind, rain, and time change the rock formations that surround us. No piece is remotely identical and with each subsequent spin of the disc there are deceptively subtle nuanced textures that one may have missed on the first listen.
Intellectual jazz? No...There is but one requirement, free your mind.
Tracks: The Atoll; Trip Through Turbulence; A Brief Note; The Wisdom Of Rocks; Faint Scattered Lights; The Get-Go; Heat In May; Tale By Two; Radial Symmetry; The Semblance Of Stealth; Of Fives and Sixes; Conversation In Blue.