Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Musicians / Monsanto / And The Liar In Chief.

Obama seen welcoming new converts...
Listen...Can you hear it? That is the sound of the heads of liberal democrats exploding all across this great nation. One of the most actively pursued causes by artists on social media has been the case against Monsanto. President Obama said that he was one of us...
President Obama has signed the Monsanto Protection Act. This piece of legislation exempts Monsanto from any legal action or claims resulting from the genetically altered riff on the vast majority of our food supply. Obama's action is the equivalent of giving the finger to the will of the people yet again in an attempt to worry about his own special interests. Let us not forget Hillary Clinton once worked as a corporate lawyer for this global conglomerate that now has free reign to do as they see fit.
I have long advocated that artists stay away from the public policy issues of the day and not just artists that favor the liberal agenda. I have little time for terrible Ted Nugent whose new release "Have You Seen My Career Lately?" is coming soon. I don't care for Fox and I have a personal disdain for the religious zealot Glen Beck. I also hate liars.
Obama lied about Benghazi by blaming an innocent man and a You Tube video when documents released prove he knew this was a terror attack within hours of this tragic even happening. "What difference does it make?" A man that promised the most transparent administration in history has been caught up in more scandal than I have pairs of shoes, I have a lot of shoes.
Obama lied about health care reform, he admitted it. Obama knew that premiums would rise, coverage would be terminated and that millions would be negatively effected was all about his legacy. News flash...There is nothing in the ACA that stops premiums from rising. Remember financial reform? The reform that was supposed to be the nanny state for the financially incompetent that could not understand 28% interest on a credit card is not a good deal. The reform that was to protect people from overdraft fees that somehow believed bouncing a check was their constitutional right after sleeping through basic math in school?
I have seen numerous artists in large metropolitan areas thank Obama for their low premiums. These artists got a group rate based on the high population densities where they live. Do they honestly believe these rates are locked in? Banks came up with new, different and creative ways to raise fees, Insurance companies will be no different.
You can pay me now or you can pay me later. There is no free lunch.
With President Obama now allowing Monsanto to do as they please with our food, game over. Remember that when you go to vote.
Be well,