Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Proof Obama Care is Killing People...

As the President takes a self serving victory lap for forcing roughly 7 million people to obey the law (insert George W. Bush and "Mission Accomplished" here) the link below shows the real story behind Obama Care...Dying people.

How can a mandatory Marxist health care initiative be considered remotely successful when not one doctor is added thanks to the plan. Doctors are leaving the medical field in record numbers. Doctors want no part of the pending disaster that is coming.

Check out this link for yourself...,0,6429485.story

You can help my medical fund here using Pay Pal or the Funding widget and I am forever thankful for anything you can do.

This is not about ideology...It is about human beings.

Become an organ donor. There is no age cut off, each case is considered on an individual basis unlike Obama Care.