Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kathleen Grace No Place To Fall Monsoon 2014

An intimate release of emotional maturity and lyrical depth, Kathleen Grace has the potential to be the best singer /songwriter since Rickie Lee Jones.
Brent Black /
Jazz singers go country about as often as heavy metal guitarists sit in with Justin Bieber. The amazing impact with Kathleen Grace's forthcoming release No Place To Fall would be that this is not a genre specific recording but a melodic mosaic of texture and deceptively subtle nuances of lyrical shading. Traditional country is here and identifiable along with a myriad of other inspirational forms including folk, alternative and an indie pop sound that is a sonic shower for the soul. This may well be one of the most important releases for 2014.
Tracked live in the studio allows for a warm open sound not often associated with music that at times seems like it rolls off the proverbial harmonic assembly line. The daring cover of Townes Van Zandt's "No Place to Fall" is offset by the equally strong Grace original "I'm On Fire." Evocative moods highlight the gospel riff on the Tom Waits classic "The Briar and The Rose" while the reharm of Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo" with steel guitar simply reinforces the power of a well constructed melody and the sonic road less traveled that only a sublime vocal artist such as Kathleen Grace can travel unfettered. The most imaginative compositional retooling occurs with the Meat Puppets "Plateau." Few artists can deconstruct such an oblique tune and reassemble the same piece without losing something in artistic integrity or interpretation, Kathleen Grace loses nothing. The closing tune "Goodnight" is a haunting original that brings this eclectic collection full circle and ending one of the most engaging releases for this young year.
Kathleen Grace is no singer. Kathleen Grace is another of those rare vocal artists with the ability to cast vivid images with a mere handful of words. As technically proficient as she is artistically gifted, Kathleen Grace releases what may well be the perfect recording for 2014.
Tracks: No Place To Fall; Emma; I'm On Fire; Fine Young Woman; Plateau; Mood Indigo; The Colour Of Spring; The Briar and The Rose; Blame It On My Youth; Goodnight.
Additional Personnel: Erik Kertes: Electric & Upright Bass; David Steele: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (6); David Raven: Drums; Will Gramling: Piano, Organ; Tim Young: Electric Guitar; Greg Leisz: Pedal Steel Guitar (1,6,10); Jamie Drake: Guest Vocals (4,8); Leslie Stevens: Guest Vocals (8); Patrick Park: Guest Vocal (10); Patrick Wilson: Guest Electric Guitar (9).
Special Thanks To Michael Bloom and Michael Bloom Media Relations.