Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hiromi Alive Concord 2014

Alive is that rare combination of chemistry and artistry hitting full stride. Lighting in a bottle!
Brent Black /
Mentored by the legendary Ahmad Jamal, Hiromi is no stranger to critical acclaim. Alive is the new trio project from Hiromi which will street on June 17, 2014. While some might consider this look a tad early, in the day of the digital download and pre-ordering some things are just too good to wait on. Contrabass virtuoso Anthony Jackson and drumming titan Simon Phillips round out an ensemble that is far more than the stereotypical leader and two afterthoughts. The Hiromi's ensemble are three harmonic voices merging with a sense of lyrical synergy that is rare. Thee voices performing as one. Astonishing.
Alive is somewhat conceptual in that the release embraces a microcosm of emotions one experiences in life as well as the "Alive" factor of learning and growing with this critically acclaimed ensemble. Opening with the title track "Alive" the trio moves from the somewhat ambient to a more high octane tempo sonically depiction the very beginning of life and the intricacies that are found from the very beginning. Intimate yet spacious with subtle nuances of flavor and passion, Hiromi is in her wheelhouse. "Spirit" is another tune that pop with a gospel groove and a stellar solo from Phillips. The melodic counterpoint that Anthony Jackson lays down is far more than a second line lead but a harmonic line of color that elevates each tune to rich levels of lyrical flavor. Nine stellar originals that work as the cultural by product of Hiromi's own experience make Alive a rare commodity in the all too generic world of the piano trio.
Alive embodies perhaps the most important tool that any musician or critic can have in their arsenal, the ability to listen. Hiromi shows off growth in all areas of her artistic work that is nothing short of amazing. A trio that fires on all cylinders, compositions that are varied with depth of harmonic richness, and the ability to understand that this line of work is a 24/7 learning curve that while unforgiving, the most soulful experience one may ever have.
Tracks: Alive; Wanderer; Dreamer; Seeker; Player; Warrior; Firefly; Spirit; Life Goes On.
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