Friday, April 4, 2014

Helmut Eisel & Sebastian Voltz Trio Talking Sinatra Neuklang 2014

An emotive riff on the classic sound of Frank Sinatra by clarinet virtuoso Helmut Eisel!
Brent Black /
The sound of Sinatra is relatively easy to replicated, the smoldering soul is not. The ensemble consisting of Helmut Eisel & The Sebastian Voltz Trio take not just the sound but the soulful quality of Sinatra and bring an incredibly organic yet delightfully contemporary spin on some of the most iconic music the world has known. A 4tet featuring clarinet and Rhodes piano may seem somewhat unusual but the harmonic colors brought forth allow for imaginative arrangement while still respecting the integrity of the originals long associated with the Chairman of the Board!
Not to be outdone, bassist Mario Bartone and drummer Dirk Leibenguth provide the rhythmic heartbeat to drive the colorful voices of Eisel and Voltz to emulated the varied and sometimes highly evocative moods of these tunes long associated with Frank Sinatra. A buoyant "I've Got You Under My Skin" moves to a pulsating contemporary Broadway charged exploratory of the unofficial anthem of the entertainment capital of the World, "New York, New York." The lyrical "My Way" is a rich contemporary arrangement and oddly emotional as this is far more than the predictable cover that one might expect.
Helmut Eisel bring true meaning to the word virtuoso while The Sebastian Voltz Trio works seamlessly both inside and occasionally venturing outside the harmonic box. An eclectic ensemble, organic yet spatially open arrangement and a true synergy of lyrical cohesion has Talking Sinatra as one of the better "tribute" releases one might run across! An exemplary recording!
Tracks: A Swinging Freilach; I've Got You Under My Skin; New York, New York; Albertine's Dance; Strangers In The Night; Five Dance; It Is Not Over Yet; The Lady Is A Tramp; My Way; That's Life And The Bebop Freilach.