Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finnegan Bell I Was One Digitally Sound 2014

An incredible breath of fresh air. Williams and Bazemore are a duo to watch!
Brent Black /
Good music should make you feel something, pop music makes me feel nothing. Thanks to shows like American idol the entire singer / songwriter style of popular music has taken a much needed shot in the arm with Finnegan Bell dropping the cure for what ails you with "I Was Gone." While there is a subtle country vibe, Finnegan Bell transcend the more traditional genre labels as an act that simply works as a cultural by product of their own experience.
So who are they? Shane Williams and Warren Bazemore kicked off their excellent musical adventure in the dorms of the University of South Carolina. "I Was One" is a solid selection of meaningful lyrics, tighter than tight harmonies and an eclectic instrumental presence that their contemporaries simply can not touch. Artist comparisons are inherently unfair but obvious influences might include Nickel Creek and Jars of Clay. Tempos have a subtle misdirection as the soulful vocals take on a story telling connectivity that makes these ten tracks seem like only ten minutes of music. The edgy alternative country "For A Dying Man" which is an ironic personal favorite plays nicely against the indie pop influenced "Just Pretending" which could easily be a tune in search of a fine feature film.
Pop makes me feel nothing. There is no real personal connection I can establish with country music. Finnegan Bell find an incredibly sincere middle ground with solid songwriting and a strong instrumental presence. If you have not checked these guys out, go to iTunes or better yet check out: as there is absolutely nothing to grind on here. A release with made commercial crossover potential!
Tracks: I Was Gone; Carolina Line; For A Dying Man; Wait For You There; Not My Lover; Wide Open; Miles Away; Pieces; Just Pretending; Nothing New.