Eric Clapton :: Behind the Sun
One of the most important if not overlooked releases of the 1980's!
Brent Black /
You can find the majority of the chart topping acts of the 80's every year at the state fair. Eric Clapton can be found selling out arenas across the globe and it was the commercial success of Behind The Sun that seemed to rejuvenate a return to the charts with this critically acclaimed Hybrid SACD release now available from Audio Fidelity.
The combination of producers Lenny Waronker, Rod Templeman and Phil Collins allowed for a more contemporary radio friendly appeal while losing nothing in artistic integrity or intensity. A risk taking blend of pop, blues and soul was experimental for the time. Tunes such as Eddie Floyd's "Knock On Wood" and perhaps one of Clapton's finest compositions "Same Old Blues" were strategically placed along with top 40 hits "See What Love Can Do" and "Forever Man."
Audio Fidelity continues to turn out the finest re-issues and these limited number editions are an absolute must for any library. The tunes you already know, the sound quality will blow you away!

Eric Clapton Behind the Sun