Friday, April 25, 2014

Eli Cook Primitive Son Cleopatra 2014

Eli Cook deconstructs the blues to a primitive state and gets by with a little help from his friends!
Brent Black /
The blues had a baby and they named it rock and roll, sound familiar? Would work well as a one sentence review for Primitive Son due to street on April 29th of this year. While working off the roots base laid down by such legends as Son House, Cook has a uniquely contemporary vision that bodes well for the inclusion of such giants as Leslie West, Pat Travers, Tinsley Ellis and members of Gov't Mule and Double Trouble. With an all star guests along with songs straight from the soul, Eli Cook could easily be poised to be the next big thing for traditional blues.
There are some carefully placed and somewhat more commercially crafted gems but artistic integrity is never sacrificed and let us be real for a moment by acknowledging music is a business. The difficulty is the ability to trudge the muck and mire of not only the business but of life and translate these life events into something that everyone can relate to be it on the same level or not. In reading the presser on Primitive Son there was a mention to an Exile on Main Street vibe that ran from production straight down to artistic execution. Big shoes to fill to be sure, Exile on Main Street lite is still light years ahead of some of the clay pigeons some blues acts insist on tossing out for critical batting practice.
Blues rock for the next generation. A genre never dies, it matures and so do the artists that spend a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears to make recordings such as this a reality. All original material which makes a critical breakdown for those not familiar with Cook somewhat pointless so allow me to flip it. A gritty voice with a stinging guitar that can touch your heart and set your hair on fire all at the same time!
Tracks: War Horse; Revelator (Vinny Appice & Jorgen Carlsson); Sweet Thang (Tinsley Ellis); High In The Morning (Sonny Landreth & Reese Wynans); Won't Be Long; Motor Queen (Leslie West); Be Your Fool (Rod Piazza); Swing A Little Harder; Shake The Devil Down (Harvey Mandel); Tall & Twisted;  The Great Southern Love Kill  (Pat Travers, Artimus Pyle); Amphetamine Saint (Eric Gales); Primitive Son; Burying Ground.
Additional Performers: Wade Warfield: Drums; Rob Richmond: Bass; Steffen Presley, Greg Hampton: Backing Vocals;