Saturday, April 12, 2014

Down To The Bone Dig It Dome 2014

The reigning kings of acid jazz are back with their finest release to date!
Brent Black /
After two years, Down To The Bone is back with Dig It! Acid jazz is a far more club oriented version of contemporary instrumental that pulls from funk, hip-hop, and dance. Smooth jazz on steroids? No...Simply an area of contemporary music just as old but packed with far more rhythmic flavor and Dig It is certainly no exception! The harmonic heartbeat behind the band is Stuart Wade whose keen vision and lyrical sense have allowed him to assembly a true collective of top professionals that continue to raise the bar. As a producer, Stuart Wade has few contemporaries that can turn out consistently high quality releases that offer up a little something new each time out. A one word review, ridiculous!
There is no denying that acid jazz in England and acid jazz performed for the United States audiences are not exactly similar yet the two collectives assembled have the innate ability to artfully manipulate the sound and the rhythmic intensity to serve as harmonic chameleons adapting to any audience put before them. No artistic integrity was harmed in the production of what should be one of the best contemporary releases of the year. While vocal tracks on more contemporary releases can be somewhat feast or famine, you can "dig in" with Katie Leone on "Happiness Is A Healer" and "Put A Different Spin On It." Leone does extensive work with Incognito so the hand in glove fit is of little surprise. Oli Silk contributes heavily as well including two stellar tracks "Dropping Knowledge" and "The Bounce."
Down To The Bone continues to welcome one and all to the land of rhythm and groove! The soulful and soul filled flavors are deep and rich. No two DTTB releases sound the same, Dig It has certainly been worth the weight and DTTB fans have plenty to cheer about! Soul, funk and jazz...a groove you use!
Tracks: Dropping Knowledge; The Bounce; Dig It; Happiness Is A Healer; Meteorite; Put A Different Spin On It; The Sweetness; Getting It Together; We're On The Move; Give Me Love.
Personnel: Percussion: Joe "Bongo" Beckett; Bass: Julian Crampton; Bass: Rufus Philpot on 'The Bounce" & "Give Me Love" ; Guitar: Mark Jaimes; Drums: Davide Giovannini; Keys: Neil Angley all except, Oli Silk on "The Bounce", "Dropping Knowledge", "We're On The Move", and "Give Me Love"; Horns - Trombone: Tim Smart; Trumpet: Pablo Mendelssohn; Sax: Simon Allen; Vocals: Katie Leone.
Dome Records Release April 28th; Trippin-N-Rhythm Records April 29th.
REMEMBER: Don't pirate music off the Internet. You wouldn't let someone borrow your car without asking would you? Musicians deserve to get paid.