Wednesday, April 2, 2014

douBt Never Pet A Burning Dog MoonJune 2010

Never pet a burning dog...good advice and an apt title.
Brent Black /
I am one of the few critics that doesn't believe good music has an expiration date, that and the mail was a tad light today. The 2010 release from doubt might be best described as heavy metal free jazz. King Crimson, Metallica, and John McLaughlin get into a bar fight...At times subdued with textured layers of harmonic bliss and at times a foot to the floor smoker that tosses music theory out the window while this power trio and some special guests do a little harmonic excavating.
While the exquisite opener "Corale Di San Luca" may be the most accessible track, "Passing Clouds" is certainly a close second. The remainder of this session has to power to light up a small city. Michel Delville reinforces that he is indeed a name to watch in the improvisational six string world while Tony Bianco is bombastic sonic fury. Alex Maguire weaves in layers of retro mellotron texture for a release that is close to being a back to the future look at where real fusion might have gone but is instead an amalgam of influence that is as fertile a creative ground as one could find. "Aeon" sidesteps that full metal improvisation blowing jacket with a sinister edge, a dynamic tension that shows just how deep the harmonic waters run with doubt.
A live in the studio session gives this band a natural edge unlike the manufactured dynamic tension of some of their contemporaries. If you dig your music to flow free without any genre specific labels hanging around than douBt is the band to check out.

Tracks: Cobale di San Luca; Laughter; Over Birkerot; Sea; Passing Cloud; Cosmic Surgery; Aeon; Beppe's Shelter.

Personnel: Alex Maguire: Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, mellotron, synth; Michel Delville: electric guitar, Roland GR-09; Tony Bianco: drums; Richard Sinclair: vocals (1, 5); bass guitar (1, 2).
Record Label: Moonjune Records