Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Charlie Dennard From Brazil To New Orleans 2014

Charlie Dennard connects the musical dots from Brazil to New Orleans with a spicy flavor that is sure to please!
Brent Black /
The link between the improvisational music between Brazil and New Orleans has long been established. Charlie Dennard does a most engaging almost deconstructed riff between the two and thus sets up a personal hybrid that is authentic yet more open ended than some of his contemporaries. Dennard doesn't get bogged down attempting to reinvent the wheel with new riffs on Jobim but instead highlights some of the lesser known but equally as important composers in a Big Easy gumbo of flavor and texture.
Those that have a working knowledge of improvisational music understand that Brazilian is far more than what Stan Getz made famous, African rhythms and a funky second line horn section take the authenticity of this regional sound to a new dimension. There is a remarkable ebb and flow of flavor despite no two tracks sounding remotely similar yet this global rhythmic feast is banged out with the synergy of a big band and the organic nuances of a smaller ensemble.
The global spin brings in other cultural intricacies that make this somewhat overly ambitious project morph into a homogeneous blend of rich colors, buoyant grooves and an eclectic presentation that has one expecting the unexpected. An impressive release that much like a good resume leaves one wanting to know more.
4 Stars.
Tracks: Itape; Capoeira Mata Um; Abrindo a Porta; Asa Branca; Quando o Galo Cantar; Senhorinha; Valsa Luisiana; Africa Mae; Ganga Zumbi.
Personnel: Charlie Dennard: (Producer / Arranger / Composer) Piano, Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Accordion, Melodica, Synths, Synth Programming, Percussion. Doug Belote; Drums; Gerald French: Drums; Matt Perine: Bass, Tuba; Tommy Sciple: Bass; Steve Masakowski: 7 String Classical Guitar; Brian Seeger: Guitar; Josh Geisler: Bansuri Flute; Sax, Flute; Ray Moore: Baritone Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute; Rick Trolsen: Trombone; Michael Skinkus - Annette Bauer: Recorder; Jack Craft: Cello; Tatiana Parra: Vocal.