Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brian Baugus Actor Songster Sage Barking Dog 2014

Brian Baugus is a self proclaimed A.S.S. and he is set to take over the world!
Brian Baugus has been around the block a time or two or three...Mileage. If you want to be an entertainer or an artist on any level, you need mileage. Baugus answers the musical question, "What is Americana music?" with his highly anticipated release aptly titled Actor, Songster, Sage.
It fits well...
Americana music as it applies to Brian Baugus might best be described as Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, and Leonard Cohen get into a bar fight. Some of Baugus other influences include Tony Bennett and Paul Simon, toss em all in a pot and you have an amazing harmonic gumbo or as Baugus might say, "Beans Creek Boogie!" To accurately describe the music of Baugus would be the equivalent of explaining the color green to a visually impaired person, this is music of the imagination. Satire, irony, and a deconstructed look at life, love and pursuit of the "Cricket (In My House).
Brian Baugus began his artistic journey in 1969 and he is and has been an actor, songster and sage. The music is alternative folk, blues, indie pop, and the whole edgy singer / songwriter vibe rolled into one harmonious lyrical sense of purpose. Perhaps the best description might be "N.P.R Music" because if "Cricket (In My House) does not wind up on their network then I'll quit the business. Well, I'm quitting at the end of the year anyway but you feel me.
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Tracks: Blooz Too; Cricket (In My House); Still Involved; What Would You Do?; Madmen On Holiday; Tome Of The Cosmic Surfer; Circle Of Drums; Where I've Been; Election Day Blues; Lonely World.