Sunday, April 27, 2014

APAP And Jazz Connect Feedback From January 2014

You talking about me?
The music business and especially jazz is a small community. I just received a communication from an artist that is well established and whose credibility and integrity are both rare commodities in an industry that has little...
Apparently those in the "main stream jazz media" spent the majority of their time at the convention in January trashing yours truly. I am a rogue critic. I answer to no one. Publicists tolerate me. Some major label artists fear me but Independent artists know I am the best friend they will ever have. I have a long and well documented history of supporting both Independent artists and labels that could not otherwise get two lines in publications that are considered "mainstream." I also have a well documented history of calling out the cultural isolationism of the American market for not giving European artists a fair chance in this cultural mecca of the world. I apologize for nothing.
Evidently one main point of contention was my take on the death of smooth jazz radio...News flash! It is dead...I recently gave the new Down To The Bone -Dig It a 5 Star review. Just because I have an opinion on smooth jazz radio does not mean I do not like any "smooth jazz." I have interviewed Jeff Lorber, Brian Simpson, Acoustic Alchemy and none of these artists like the name smooth jazz.
If the mainstream media covering improvisational music wanted to be honest then they would address the fact that sales of pre-recorded jazz are not exactly topping the charts. So yes...I am correct, there is a problem and a huge problem is the business as usual attitude that allows the music to rely merely on history while overlooking the up and coming talent currently trying to make a living wage...Hello Down Beat? You wanna field that one?
I find it equally amazing that these gutless parasites in the so called "mainstream jazz media" (whose only interest is advertising revenue) would be so low as to attack an individual that you know couldn't make the event because he is battling advanced liver disease. Some of the cowards do not appreciate the way that I express my opinion, not for them to judge.
People talk...I am better connected than you think. The music industry is a glorified money pit for certain pimps and pushers who will go so far as to allow illegal downloads on You Tube of their artist just because it is free publicity. I brought this to the attention of one smooth jazz executive and that was his exact response...meanwhile the artist is screwed.
Don't like my style? That is your opinion and I would encourage you to go read something else.  Question my integrity? Not advisable...Only a cluster of cowards and thieves would attack a seriously ill individual who has devoted almost four years of his life to helping the independent artists that these so called "mainstream media types" ignore simply because they can not turn a quick enough dollar on the product and the advertising revenue isn't there.
If any of you gutless wonders would care to man up and speak one on one...You know where to find me. I said my final year would be a wild ride...I am just getting warmed up. I am also well aware my outspoken political opinions have angered a liberal medium. I'm sorry...Obama lying about health care is my fault how? You can express your opinion but I am not allowed mine? I'm a critic, it's what I do. Those that scream for diversity the loudest practice it the least.
All The Best...Brent