Thursday, April 3, 2014

A New Low For Humanity / The Liver Diary Chronicles

I have documented my struggle with advanced liver disease...perhaps too much. I have had more than one artist comment that they felt it was beneficial to others and there were a good deal of people that cared about how I was doing. Men, women, liberal, conservative, all races, and all orientations.

For those not familiar with my work, I am a Conservative critic working a liberal medium. Not an easy gig...My choice though. Part of the myriad of side effects that plague someone in my condition include insomnia. I average 4 hours of sleep a day. A few hours ago I turned on my phone only to find a post on my time line attacking me for:

a.) Not signing up for Obama Care.
b.) Saying nasty things about the President.

That is essentially the core of the message but the point was crystal clear that "how dare I voice my opinion" so in keeping with the spirit of advising those that wish to "f" with me that their efforts would be far better spent realizing that everyone has a right to their opinion, I wanted to address some things for Ms. Elizabeth Anne Nicholson Wiggins...Nice name, she has either burned through two husbands or likes the hyphen because it makes her sound like she is further up the society food chain than she really is. Far be it from me to make this personal though.

a.) I signed up for Obama Care, I had no option. The benefit program I had been under which was in fact better and more comprehensive was being cut thanks to the new reform effective 1/1/14 so Ms. Anne Nicholson Wiggins is either an outright liar or basic comprehension is something she feels little need for.

b.) Yes...I said nasty things about the President. I find people that tell self serving lies with the intention of doing nothing more than padding their resume and not giving a flying "f" about premiums going up, coverage being lost, and citizens losing their doctors to be an incredibly nasty person.

Some would discourage this post. Some would say it will alienate those whose help I am seeking. I don't judge based on ideology and neither do the numerous liberal friends that have bent over backwards to try and help me. I love these people to death. I do however think that based on the case as I have it laid out that Elizabeth Anne Nicholson Wiggins is about the lowest piece of shit to walk the face of the earth if she wants to take a cyber drive by at a dying man simply over ideology. The term classless bitch comes to mind but again...far be it from me to make it personal or suggest you look her up on face book and send your regards before blocking her. If I read Ms. Wiggins information correctly she is in the Army. ACA does not effect her directly and I would stack my knowledge on the subject up against her knowledge any day. My day job before becoming a music critic included 15 years in medical claims, billing, administration and benefits. I wrote a column for Gannett for two years on unemployment insurance and health care benefits. I forgot more than this individual will ever know. ACA is also far from uniform with coverage with premiums varying wildly between states.

I like millions was shoved into the poorly funded Medicaid program and in Kentucky this is no free ride. Treatments are not always approved and when you have a chronic / terminal disease such as this the insurance does not pay for everything. I am also trying to work back bills and all while fighting for disability which the government stonewalls as a matter of procedure to prevent fraud. I get that.

Obama lied. Obama admitted he lied. To push through reform as a means to an end without seriously weighing the human equation is what is wrong with ALL politics today. I hope you can help. You can use the Pay Pal widget or funding widget here at and please, give Ms. Anne Nicholson Wiggins a shout out from the B-Dizzle. A person truly comfortable in their ideology should not have the kind of melt down she did on my page.

Attack a dying man? Classy.

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 Photo: Good report by NBC News, except.. they put this groundbreaking story on their website and skipped it in the evening news.

The election is over, the networks need to STOP holding all of Obama's dirty laundry.  Let it ALL OUT, the American people need to know. 

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