Monday, March 24, 2014

Xavi Reija Resolution MoonJune 2014

Xavi Reija puts the paddles to progressive fusion and jumpstarts the genre to the next level!
Brent Black /
Moving from a promising quintet to a streamlined trio, Xavi Reija hasn't lost a step be it in creativity of the ability to bring the listener into the land of rhythm and groove. Joining Xavi we have the funk nasty pulse of bassist Bernat Hernandez and the adventurous and fresh six string pyrotechnics of Dusan Jevtovic. This is a trio that moves from a sophisticated elegance to a full metal assault on the senses with a high octane attack that rivals many of their contemporaries. Resolution is the future of jazz / rock fusion.  
The post modern fusion sound is unique with nuanced addition of various effects and loops there is an organic texture created that smolders just below the surface while open ended sound transcends a myriad of potential genre comparisons. Xavi Reija plays the finesse and lyricism of a Billy Cobham and the technical wizardry of a Dave Weckl. Bassist Hernandez embraces the style and broad based skills of a Jimmy Haslip while guitarist Jevtovic is reminiscent of what might happen if Robben Ford and Scott Henderson got into a bar fight. An intense sound yet no notes are wasted as the trio communicate as one harmonic voice of enlightenment with all original compositions.
A new artist for some while others are familiar with the 2009 DVD Live At Casa Murada. This is not a typical fusion riff, this is the natural evolution of a genre stuck in neutral for far too long. As artistically gifted as they are technically proficient, Resolution is as tight as you can get and one of the best for 2014!
Tracks: Flying To Nowhere; Macroscope; Shadow Dance; Dreamer; Abyss; The Land Of The Sirenians; Unfinished Love; John's Song; Resolution; Gravity; Welcome To The End.