Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wishbone Ash Blue Horizon Solid Groove 2014

Wishbone Ash has returned with Blue Horizon, after 45 years of making music the British legends have not lost a step!
Brent Black /
New songs, a new tour and a new attitude find British legends Wishbone Ash at the top of their game with arguable of one their finer studio releases of their career. Wishbone Ash was formed the year after Led Zeppelin broke and while some might consider that unfortunate timing, the differences are night and day. The essential wheelhouse of Wishbone Ash doesn't exist. From prog rock to improvisational fury to blues and more acoustic influences, Wishbone Ash is that rare classic rock band that transcends genre in favor of the pure creative aspect of making good music.
Sadly many bands that have enjoyed the longevity of Wishbone Ash due so at their own creative peril. Unlike many of their contemporaries Wishbone Ash has managed to avoid becoming their own tribute band. More contemporary referenced tunes such as Tally Ho! hint of a social conscious while side stepping some of the more pretentious pitfalls that could trip up lesser bands. "Take It Back" features some more involved progressions while "Deep Blues" might best capture the "classic sound" that has won them legions of fans world wide.
A winning release from start to finish that proves their is still plenty of gas left in the tank. Wishbone Ash has been credited as influencing such acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Thin Lizzy. There should be little doubt that Blue Horizon will probably win new fans to the fold and keep the fire burning for the next generation.
Tracks: Take It Back; Deep Blues; Strange How Things Come Back Arud; Being One; Way Down South; Tally Ho!; Mary Jane; American Century; Blue Horizon; All There Is To Say.
Personnel: Andy Powell: Guitar, Lead Vocals; Muddy Manninen: Guitar, Backing Vocals; Bob Skeat: Bass, Backing Vocals; Joe Crabtree: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals.