Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tohpati Bertiga Riot MoonJune 2012

Tohpati Bertiga: Riot       


Tohpati is a key part of the flood of Indonesian guitarist destined to put the paddles to more traditional fusion here in the United States and give the genre the kick in the ass it truly needs!
Brent Black /

Indonesia has proven itself a fertile breeding ground for the next generation of improvisational shredding. The sad fact is that the United States continues to practice a form of cultural isolationism that handcuffs artists such as Tohpati Ario Hutomo while continuing to churn out more of the same in hopes that the next Steve Vai will magically appear. Riot is a full-on high octane jazz / rock power trio with enough fire power to light up a small city. Artistic comparisons are inherently dangerous yet necessary when describing his sound to a new audience. Imagine a musical happy space somewhere between John McLaughlin and Buddy are getting warmer.

Bertiga works due largely in part to the methodical way in which Tohpati attacks his craft. The ability to manipulate sound and accompanying textures always this trio to work a harmonic high wire with a raw yet vibrant edge and lyrical spirit. The ability to shift dynamics on the fly always the release to avoid getting old. "Lost In Space" ventures down the ambient harmonic path of least resistance while blistering odd metered excursions round out a blistering set from these new kids on the block thanks to the warmth of the live in studio recording.

This is fusion with attitude, a relaxed swagger that indeed lets the music do the talking!


Tracks: Upload; I Feel Great; Riot; Middle East; Pay Attention; Rock Camp; Absurd; Disco Robot; Lost In Space; Bertiga.

Personnel: Tohpati: guitars, guitar synth; Indro Hardjodikoro: bass; Adityo Wibowo: drums.