Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Oak Ridge Boys Boys Night Out Cleopatra 2014

The Oak Ridge Boys are back with a stellar live release sure to please!
Brent Black /
In a career that runs across six decades, The Oak Ridge Boys release their first live recording and arguably one of the better country music live releases ever. The Oak Ridge Boys have earned a well deserved spot in music history as one of the few groups that have crossed over to the pop charts multiple times. Boys Night Out is a raw yet polished release of the Oak Ridge Boys best loved hits and a wonderful showcase for the Might Oaks' Band of Don Carr, Jeff Douglas, Ron Fairchild, Chris Golden, Scotty Simpson, and Rex Wiseman.
A recording that embraces the joy and passion of their legendary hits including "Y'All Come Back Saloon" and "Elvira" moves through a plethora of hits that have not become dated with time. Some might raise the legitimate question would their tight harmonies and polished studio sound make that all important transition to a live recording? In a word, YES! Other notable tracks include "Trying To Love Two Women" and "Come On In."
Some releases review themselves and Boys Night Out is no exception. I began a long career in radio thirty two years ago playing their music. The Oak Ridge Boys have not missed a step with time and Boys Night Out should appeal to a wider than usual audience.
"American Made" sums up the vibe of the release well. Top notch American entertainment that stands the test of time!
Tracks: You're The One; American Made; (I'm Sittin') Fancy Free; Love Song; Y'All Come Back Saloon; Sail Away; Dream On; This Crazy Love; Trying To Love Two Women; Come On In; Make My Life Without You; Thank God For Kids; Elvira; Bobbie Sue.
The Oak Ridge Boys are"
Richard Sterban, William Lee Golden, Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall.