Friday, March 14, 2014

The Go Fund Me Campaign is Coming To An End But You Can Still Help!

Photo: Just another Friday after giving more blood I picked up some meds for injections I have to give myself.
I believe the GoFundMe campaign ends the 15th...Despite the new medication there are some occasional memory issues and I have been a tad busy.

I wanted to express my sincere and deep appreciation to those of you having helped both financially and spiritually via good thoughts, wishes etc...It is helping MORE than you can understand. Waiting to hear from the interventional radiologist and then hopefully bang out this liver bypass or "tips" procedure. For me it is risky, dangerous and a bit scary but it may be all they can do for me. Lets keep the faith.

There is still time to help. You can use the widget on this home page with my ugly mug on it or the PayPal link. My physical condition is not great right now and I can see the end of the road for reviewing and probably before I reach a million hits. That's o.k....Goals are nice but enjoying the little things are sometimes nicer.

I have made wonderful cyber friends through this and while some of the relationships sadly did not end well, the people that have helped did so because they cared about me as a person not for any other reason. A conservative critic in a liberal medium is much like the little elf that wanted to be a Dentist...There is room for all of us. To those that saw me as a human being and not an ideology, many thanks!

Be well,