Saturday, March 1, 2014

The David White Jazz Orchestra Needs Your Help!

A lot of  you know I am trying to raise funds for my medical treatment. A lot of you know that I support Independent artists and have promoted kick starter campaigns for the last 3 years. Name another critic that would do that? You can't.

The David White Jazz Orchestra is part of the new breed of the big band sound. I have reviewed 50 big bands over the last three years - MINIMUM. Most big bands I hear are forgettable, the charts are tired and predictable and no new ground is being cut.

David White is a premier trombonist as well as a prolific composer and arranger. I stake my reputation on it. Some of you may think well then why doesn't a record company just give him a big bag of money and send him on his way - not the way it works! Records companies are just like us, money is tight and they are certainly not banks. Studio time, mixing, mastering, art work etc. all cost big money. This is a chance to contribute to the jazz community and make a difference for an artist that puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his craft. 

When N.P.R almost tanked everyone bitched but did you write as much as a twenty dollar check?

Pay it forward people. Music is not free. Put your money where your ears are and please check out this link and share it wherever you can!

Be well!

From David's Face Book Page
A year ago, many of you generously supported our 2013 Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to you, we were able to record a new album of original music. Now that music is almost ready to be released. All that remains is mastering, which is the final step in the post-production process, and the actual printing of the CDs and packaging. We're SO close to being 100% done. In order to finish the last steps we're seeking backers for our 2014 Kickstarter campaign: The CD, which is entitled The Chase will be released on April 8, 2014. Once our campaign is funded, we'll be able to finish and release our new record. New music from the David White Jazz Orchestra is on the way!