Friday, March 7, 2014

The Closing of CriticalJazz.Com

So here is the deal...I am seriously ill. I will have the complete run down on my surgery Tues - first thing Monday morning. Plans have been altered as another blood clot has been confirmed.
they are going to do a procedure which is essentially a liver bypass. this will hopefully alleviate the tremendous pain and pressure in my stomach/colon etc. bad news is while I score acceptable for a transplant the damage is so bad it would be like milking a dead cow. the procedure will elevate my encephalopathy. I will eventually be bed ridden and have to be watched 24/7....I will slowly lose my mind and or slip into a coma and die.........and people wonder why I get short tempered.

This site will eventually close probably sooner than later. Eventually the site will be closed for good as paying for a domain I won't be on the planet to see makes little sense.

To say Thank You just doesn't seem to remotely cover my gratitude....Unless you were mean to me on social media then piss off.