Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Campaign Reached Goal! A Medical Update

I just wanted to take a minute to formally announce my campaign made goal!
I am eternally grateful to everyone whether you made a contribution, shared the information or simply took the time to give me some words of much needed encouragement!
I am going to check with the good folks at GoFundMe to see if the widget can be left up because a goal is only an approximation of what the minimum might be in order to squeak by, at least for me. If it comes down and you would still like to help you can use Pay Pal on the home page at www.criticaljazz.com The bills are heavy and other wellness issues have to be addressed since Medicaid doesn't cover everything.

As far as my medical condition:
The most recent full blood panel indicates my condition is worsening. I am having massive fluctuations in weight which COULD be a signal of full blown liver cancer. It is a waiting game. I have two procedures this month. I also have an inoperable blood clot and possibly two others. I can not take blood thinners - they would kill me. I have a deck that while stacked against me is motivating me to play on. Your help and your support are a big reason why.

Your random acts of kindness are being paid forward in any way that I can. Your help is still appreciated and your prayers are needed now more than ever going into April...I will have to stop writing, that is inevitable. The deck was stacked against me when I started writing. I came from nowhere to be a fairly well known Independent writer, love me or hate me. I have mended as many fences as bridges I have burned...nature of the business.

Thank you simply is not enough.
Be well,