Friday, March 21, 2014

Steve Moakler Wide Open Free The Birds Records 2014

An artist comfortable in his own skin...
Brent Black /
A few people are scratching their heads wondering why I would review a singer / songwtiter when the majority of artists I take a look at perform the improvisational music we know as jazz. I say why not? I'm done with pop music. Any genre that boasts Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus makes me feel as dirty as walking into an adult bookstore in broad daylight. Steve Moakler hovers above genre classification as a singer / songwriter comfortable with an alternative rock sound but with the ability to pull from country, folk, and even blues. Wide Open is just that, an open book of accessible music that cuts a wide harmonic path for an even wider audience.
Who is Steve Moakler? While only having been in Nashville roughly seven years, Steve's songs have been recorded by Dierks Bentley and Kelly Pickler. In addition, Moakler's music has been featured on MTV, ABC, Fox News and the movie October Baby. Slow and steady wins the race in most endeavors and music is no different. In a business known for mindless and mind-numbing pop songs, Steve Moakler shows an incredible gift for constructing songs that stay with you long past the last note.
Steve Moakler is the real deal, artistic integrity with a clear vision of who he is and where he wants to be. Wide Open is one of those rare releases that is consistent in quality yet diverse in presentation. Remember the name Steve Moakler, he is not going away anytime soon!
Tracks: Rather Make A Living; Damn, Do I Think About You; Crooked Heart; Humble Operations; I've Got You To Love; On Your Side; Be Your Man; Riser; Have It So Bad; Wide Open; Holiday At Sea.